Soul Motion

Soul Motion™ in Graz, Innsbruck, Sarajevo:

Currently I am offering monthly classes in Graz & Innsbruck in Austria and in Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegowina.

All classes have mini-workshop-format 2,5 hrs and consist of a Mindful Movement-class followed by an Odyssee.

The Details:

Sarajevo / Bosnia-Herzegowina
January 23: 18h-21h in Studio KUD Baščaršija, in Center for culture (Centar za kulturu), address: Jelića 1 (close to Cathedral) . Price: 25KM, Registration and contact: (Nevena) 

(Organised by Tanzelarija, organization for promotion of contemporary dance in BiH)

Graz / Austria:
December 20 - 17h-20h in Studio KI, Burggasse 9, 8010 Graz - sliding scale/donation,  pre-registration

Innsbruck / Austria:
every 3rd Saturday of the month:  2016: June 18,  ...   18h-21h in Studio JaYOGA, Andechsstraße 48, 6020 Innsbruck - fee 15€ and 10€ with pre-registration

Soul Motion™ is a conscious dance practice designed by Vinn Marti. It is an effective, accessible, and transformative movement program. It opens the heart, rest the mind, relaxes the body and stirs the soul of all who step onto the dance floor. It is like a combination of the movement meditation, body awareness practice, and expressive dance art.

Instead of moving from a place of right or wrong, pretty or ugly, we learn to surrender into the present moment to allow our body just to be with breaths, heart beats, and every being around us.

With guided instruction and selected diverse music, we go through four different landscapes: Dance Intimate (relationship with ourselves), Communion Dance (relationship with one other), Community Dance (relationship with many others) and Dance Infinite (relationship with all existence, which is also the extension of our everyday life).

For further informations about Soul Motion, visit the website:

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